With KSV, you can rely on an independent service partner with a European perspective. We offer a widespread range of engineering services for railbound traffic. Please read more about our four main business areas on the following pages.

Independent Assessment Body (UBS)/Assessment Body (AsBo) according to CSM-VO (EU) 402/2013

The basis of every safety and maintenance management system is a functioning risk management system. The Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 402/2013 defines a risk management procedure in the railroad sector for assessing the impact of changes on the safety level of the railroad system. The aim in the European railroad system is to use Common Safety Methods (CSM) to define the procedure for risk assessment in the railroad system in a generally applicable manner and to apply it in a binding manner when determining effects on the safety level. This DVO (EU) No. 402/2013 applies to all structural subsystems of the railroad system, to any safety-relevant modification or new development, to the placing on the market of new or modified vehicles in accordance with EIGV, and to changes to maintenance plans.

In the event of significant changes, a recognized “Independent Assessment Body” must accompany the procedure and independently assess compliance with the processes and their results. Since 25.10.21, KSV GmbH has officially been such an Independent Assessment Body (UBS) recognized by the Federal Railway Authority in accordance with Section 5 (1d), Sentence 1 No. 2 of the General Railway Act (AEG). As an inspection body C, it thus has the competence to carry out an independent assessment of the suitability of both the application of the risk management procedure set out in Annex I of DVO (EU) No. 402/2013 and its results in the fields of activity of operation (OPE) and maintenance of rolling stock (ECM).

As part of the independent assessment, the documents submitted by the proposer to prove the risk management process will be checked for completeness and conformity with DVO (EU) No. 402/2013 in the current version. Furthermore, the procedures applied for the safety and maintenance management of the significant change are evaluated.

As a result, we provide the proposer with a safety assessment report in accordance with the requirements listed in Annex III DVO (EU) No. 402/2013.

We are fully accredited for the operation field of activity (OPE), i.e. we evaluate the suitability and application of risk management procedures and their results in the fields:

  • structure and organization of railroad undertakings (RU start-ups)
  • legal knowledge with reference to the application of DVO (EU) No. 402/2013
  • Methodical competence
  • rules of operation/legal obligations
  • operational aspects of railroad safety technology
  • operational aspects of other railroad safety equipment
  • operation of infrastructure (track, transport stations, personnel)
  • operational aspects of operation (rolling stock, personnel)
  • safety organization of railroads
  • Requirements for the organization

For the field of activity Maintenance of Railway Vehicles (ECM) we are recognized for the following areas of expertise:

  • legal standards/maintenance regulations
  • Vehicle technology
  • Joining technology/ZfP (only welding and VT testing)
  • Train control and safety (only in the area of ETCS/ERTMS)
  • Load securing

The exact specifications and the certificate can be viewed at the following link:


Should you have the need to have an independent assessment carried out, we are at your disposal.

Basic and Advanced training

We offer training and development services for a wide range of qualifications in railroad operations. With our team of trainers, we have the capacity and comprehensive expertise to carry out almost any training project in the areas of railroad operations or railroad vehicles.

KSV is approved by the Federal Railway Authority as a body for training and as a body for conducting examinations in accordance with TfV §14 and §15 respectively. In addition, we are approved as a provider of measures according to the AZAV regulation.

Our modern training rooms are certified and have all the necessary forms of presentation.

To increase the clarity and ensure high-quality training, we have a modern simulator in use. The simulator enables us to provide practical training on a wide range of training topics and to carry out training and monitoring runs, for example: rail operations in accordance with FV-DB or FV-NE, train protection systems PZB 90, LZB 72 and LZB CIR ELKE, ETCS L 2, signal systems H/V, Ks, Hl, ZLB and SZB, special exercises for drivers of auxiliary vehicles (two-way excavators) with adaptation of the simulator to two-way vehicles, extensive possibilities for carrying out shunting movements.

In all training companies of the TEX Rail Training Group, to which we belong, an online portal is available for conducting online training. This means that suitable measures can be carried out online in high quality if required or requested.

Our team of trainers is characterized in particular by the fact that the employees receive continuous training and are regularly deployed in practice within the scope of their qualifications. This ensures that the training measures are practice-oriented and that the knowledge imparted is up to date.

Information service and rules manager

The railways are obliged by law to always apply current regulations. An up-to-date overview of the regulations to be applied (laws, ordinances, standards, network access-related and operational-technical regulations, etc.) would help here. However, a complete, clear and easily accessible compilation of these safety regulations does not currently exist in Germany. This is where our rules manager comes in, because due to the increasing density of regulations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the rules data consistent and up-to-date, to update them when they are updated and to be able to archive and retrieve old data in a practical way.

Safety managers

Involving our highly qualified Railway Managers (RM)/Operations Managers (OM) we can assume responsibility for your traffic and your infrastructure in public and non-public railways.

Our certified operation managers for industrial railways take on responsibility for your transport and/or your infrastructure for railway lines to be operated according to BOA/EBOA.

Professional Consulting

Our consultants are highly qualified and have extensive experience due to numerous projects within the scope of railway operations and
railway safety.

This includes:

  • Advising on establishing railway undertakings and infrastructure companies
  • Support and advising on developing and implementing safety managementsystems (SMS)
  • Support and advising on creating applications for safety certificates and safety authorisations in Germany
  • Creating concepts for freight traffic projects
  • Developing propositions for public tenders regarding local public rail traffic
  • Planning and optimisation of railway operation procedures
    and resources for train operation
  • Analyses and studies
  • Surveys and expert’s reports
  • Developing company-specific operational and
    technical regulations
  • Adoption of administrative tasks
  • Design and dimensioning of railway infrastructures
  • Support and advising on quality management
  • Internal auditing/system auditing
  • Supply of periodic information service concerning rules and regulations
  • Providing the web-based application
    “Regelwerksportal“ (Platform of rules and regulations)

Rail Vehicle and Workshop Services

Consulting and support services for manufacturers of rail vehicles and workshop operators. This includes the temporary adoption of management tasks within the scope of rail vehicle engineering and workshops.

  • Consulting services and support for manufacturers/operators of rail vehicles and workshop operators, this can
    include temporary takeover of management tasks in the field of rail technology and workshops
  • Technical supervision and quality inspections of rail vehicles during the manufacturing process and commissioning
    or before being returned to service
  • Technical reports for rail vehicles, e.g. status reports, damage appraisals, value appraisals, weak point analysis
  • Consulting service for technical specifications of rail vehicles
  • Consulting service for workshop planning, e.g. optimisation of work processes and maintenance concepts
  • All consulting services can be carried out for heavy rail as well as for light rail systems (tram, metro, suburban railway)

ECM Services

Our employees have many years of experience in the fields of maintenance organization, technical controlling/construction supervision, quality assurance, design and manufacture of rail vehicles.

  • Performance of the function as Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) functions I-III according to DVO (EU) 2019/779 for locomotives, wagons and auxiliary vehicles.
  • Support in the establishment of maintenance management systems and in the preparation of certification according to DVO (EU) 2019/779Auditing of workshops and suppliers