With KSV, you can rely on an independent service partner with a European perspective. We offer a widespread range of engineering services for railbound traffic. Please read more about our four main business areas on the following pages.

Basic and Advanced training

We train railway personnel for your operational tasks. Due to the extensive expertise of our trainer team we are able to realize nearly any training project within the scope of railway operations and rail vehicles. According to the national legal framework, KSV is authorized by the national safety authority as a training facility.

Our modern training rooms are certified and they are equipped with commonly required presentation devices. Regarding the status as a railway undertaking and due to the authorization by the national safety authority to conduct examinations, we are able to ensure a proper completion of our trainings.

We use a modern simulator to increase the clarity and ensure high-quality training. With the simulator, we can train a wide range of training topics in a practical way, as well as carry out exercise and monitoring drives, for example: rail operations according to FV-DB or FV-NE, train control systems PZB 90, LZB 72 and LZB CIR ELKE, ETCS L 2, signal systems H / V, Ks, Hl, ZLB and SZB, special exercises for drivers of auxiliary vehicles (road-rail excavators) with adaptation of the simulator to road-rail vehicles, extensive options for performing shunting movements.

Informationsdienst und Regelwerksmanager

Die Eisenbahnen sind aufgrund gesetzlicher Bestimmungen verpflichtet, stets aktuelle Regelwerke anzuwenden. Dabei würde eine aktuelle Übersicht über das anzuwendende Regelwerk (Gesetze, Verordnungen, Normen, netzzugangsrelevantes und betrieblich-technisches Regelwerk usw.) helfen. Doch eine vollständige, übersichtliche und leicht zugängliche Zusammenstellung dieser Sicherheitsvorschriften existiert derzeit in Deutschland nicht. Hier setzt unser Regelwerksmanager an, denn aufgrund der steigenden Regelungsdichte stellt es sich zunehmend schwerer dar, die Regelwerksdaten konsistent und aktuell vorzuhalten, bei Aktualisierungen fortzuschreiben und, alte Datenstände praktisch zu archivieren und abrufen zu können.

Safety managers

Involving our highly qualified Railway Managers (RM)/Operations Managers (OM) we can assume responsibility for your traffic and your infrastructure in public and non-public railways.

Our certified operation managers for industrial railways take on responsibility for your transport and/or your infrastructure for railway lines to be operated according to BOA/EBOA.

Professional Consulting

Our consultants are highly qualified and have extensive experience due to numerous projects within the scope of railway operations and
railway safety.

This includes:

  • Advising on establishing railway undertakings and infrastructure companies
  • Support and advising on developing and implementing safety managementsystems (SMS)
  • Support and advising on creating applications for safety certificates and safety authorisations in Germany
  • Creating concepts for freight traffic projects
  • Developing propositions for public tenders regarding local public rail traffic
  • Planning and optimisation of railway operation procedures
    and resources for train operation
  • Analyses and studies
  • Surveys and expert’s reports
  • Developing company-specific operational and
    technical regulations
  • Adoption of administrative tasks
  • Design and dimensioning of railway infrastructures
  • Support and advising on quality management
  • Internal auditing/system auditing
  • Supply of periodic information service concerning rules and regulations
  • Providing the web-based application
    “Regelwerksportal“ (Platform of rules and regulations)

Rail Vehicle and Workshop Services

Consulting and support services for manufacturers of rail vehicles and workshop operators. This includes the temporary adoption of management tasks within the scope of rail vehicle engineering and workshops.

  • Consulting services and support for manufacturers/operators of rail vehicles and workshop operators, this can
    include temporary takeover of management tasks in the field of rail technology and workshops
  • Technical supervision and quality inspections of rail vehicles during the manufacturing process and commissioning
    or before being returned to service
  • Technical reports for rail vehicles, e.g. status reports, damage appraisals, value appraisals, weak point analysis
  • Consulting service for technical specifications of rail vehicles
  • Consulting service for workshop planning, e.g. optimisation of work processes and maintenance concepts
  • All consulting services can be carried out for heavy rail as well as for light rail systems (tram, metro, suburban railway)

ECM Services

Our employees have many years of experience in the areas of maintenance organisation, technical controlling/construction supervision, quality assurance, construction and production of rail vehicles.

  • Performing the function as Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) functions I-III in accordance with DVO (EU) 2019/779 for locomotives, wagons and ancillary vehicles
  • Support in the establishment of maintenance management systems and in the preparation of certification according to DVO (EU) 2019/779
  • Auditing of workshops and suppliers

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