A selection of example projects


Here you can find a selection of our current and finished projects. We give up further information in favor of the special competitive situation of our customers.

  • Editing of the VDV’s “Betriebsregelwerk EVU” / Germany 2014
  • Excel-Tool for issuing complementary certificates and for administrating the register of complementary certificates according to directive 2007/59/EC / Germany since 2014
  • Supervision of freight wagon fleets of various wagon keepers as ECM according to regulation (EU) 445/2011 (except the maintenance delivery function) / Germany since 2013
  • Advising on creating the application on an ECM certificate / Germany 2012/2013
  • Optimisation of operational railway processes and procedures for a major railway undertaking considering the operation of an extended industrial siding railway / Germany 2012
  • Adoption of the function as representative of the safety management system of railway undertakings / Germany since 2012
  • Training of train staff for railway undertakings / Germany since 2012
  • Development of maintenance management systems and maintenance programs for keepers of rail vehicles / Germany 2012
  • Development of network reference documents for a port railway / Germany 2012
  • Weekly published information service regarding changes of the legal railway framework and operational railway regulations / Germany since 2011
  • Development of the operational und technical part of a tender concerning shunting services in the port of Hamburg for a railway undertaking / Germany 2011
  • Consulting of a Swedish railway undertaking regarding the organisation of railway operations / Sweden 2011
  • Support and advising on the application of safety certificates according to directive 2004/49/EC for a variety of German and European railway undertakings / since 2007
  • Conducting internal audits within the scope of railway safety for railway undertakings and railway construction companies / Germany since 2009
  • Training of train drivers of a European railway undertaking for the deployment in Germany / The Netherlands 2009, 2012, 2014
  • Support on the application of safety certificates according to directive 2004/49/EC for German railway undertakings and keepers of rail vehicle / Germany since 2008
  • Support on the development of complex propositions in the context of public tenders concerning local public rail traffic / Germany since 2008
  • Support on the optimization of maintenance processes of a German manufacturer of rail vehicles / Germany 2006
  • Conception of the redesign and partial reactivation of the infrastructure of a large industrial siding railway including the development of the operational concept / Germany 2007 until 2010
  • Temporary filling of a technical management position in a company of the local public rail traffic / Germany 2007
  • Supervision of industrial siding railways (non-public railways) by safety managers / Germany since 2007
  • Survey on possibilities to develop a forwarding agency into a railway undertaking considering the economic impacts / Germany 2006
  • Conducting periodical advanced trainings for operational personnel of various railway companies / Germany since 2006
  • Development of a railway undertaking on behalf of German logistics and construction companies / Germany since 2006
  • Performing safety manager services for a variety of railway undertakings in the scope if public passenger and freight traffic / Germany since 2005