Register for complementary certificates

Legal Framework

According to Commission Regulation (EU) No 36/2010 and the specific German regulation TfV (Triebfahrzeugführerscheinverordnung) the national railway undertakings are committed to administer a register for complementary certificates or to have this register administered by someone.

Functionality of the Register

KSV provides an EXCEL-based tool to facilitate the administration of the register for complementary certificates that fulfils the regulations’ requirements regarding contents and transparency of changes. The basic functions of the register are:

1. Creating and Editing of Complementary Certificates

With the assistance of the register tool it is possible to save the data of complementary certificates as a database. Existing complementary certificates can be accessed from the data-base for display or edit. The continual actuality can be ensured by further functions that are implemented in the register tool.

2. Transparency of Changes of Complementary Certificates

The implemented report function enables the display of changes of any complementary certificate that are saved in the register tool. As a result of that it is possible to determine when and by who a complementary certificate was issued, changed, suspended, reissued and withdrawn.

3. Monitoring of Deadlines

The register contains several data concerning the checks on language skills, rolling stock and infrastructure knowledges. This data can be analysed by the tool’s monitoring function to identify deadlines in time.

4. User Profiles

It is possible to set up specific user profiles with full access (read and write) or restriced access (read-only).

5. Default Data

It is possible to define default data to speed up the entering process of multiple complementary certificates. This default data will be loaded automatically when a new complementary certificate is created. Default data can be defined for categories of driving, rolling stock and infrastructure knowledges.

6. PDF Printing

Complementary certificates and certified copies of complementary certificates can be created as PDF in the designated layout by a specific printing feature that is implemented in the register tool.
The customer is responsible to ensure the defined antiforgery measures (e. g. paper texture and permanent ink) when printing out these PDF.
The following print layouts are available in the current version of the register tool:

  • A4 vertical format, one- or two-page
  • A4 horizontal format, one- or two-page
  • A5 horizontal format, two-page

It is also possible to select the following layouts to print on pre-printed forms:

  • A4 horizontal format, two-page (form for complementary certificates)
  • A5 horizontal format, two-page (form for “Beiblatt VDV-Schrift 753”)

7. Data Exchange

The exchange of data between several register tools is possible via specifically defined XML-files. The datasets of a single or multiple complementary certificates can be exported and imported by the register’s functions. Furthermore, the data exchange also involves general settings, defined default data, data concerning languages, rolling stock and infrastructures.
According to the legal framework the railway undertakings are committed to submit extracts of their register to the safety authorities on request. In Germany the safety authority “Eisenbahn-Bundesamt” has specified the CSV-format for submitting extracts of the register. With the register tool it is possible to create extracts in the defined CSV-format.

8. Backup

The register tool has a feature to create backups of the register automatically or manually.

System Requirements

The register tool was successfully tested on the following system environments:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit), Microsoft Excel 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit), Microsoft Excel 2016 (64 bit)
  • Visual Basic for Applications (optional component of Microsoft Office)

The register tool requires 8 MB space on hard drive at delivery condition. Additional space is required and depends on the amount of data that is save in the register tool.
The functionality of the register tool depends on the prescribed requirements and the specific sys-tem environment, e. g. installed updates for Windows and Office as well as security settings and access rights if the register tool is used in a network environment.
The register tool cannot be executed successfully from content management systems like Sharepoint.

Delivery Contents

The register tool comes standard as a ZIP-compress file. A CD-version is possible on request. The delivery contains the following items:

  • register tool with German user interface
  • German user manual
  • licence certificate

Terms of Licence

The customer purchases a licence to use the register tool for a particular and named railway undertaking. The transfer or the usage of the licenced register tool to/for another railway undertaking is not allowed.


The register tool can be purchased for 450 Euro plus VAT.

Updates and Upgrades

The programming of any software can have errors and the interaction with the operating system, other software and their further updates can cause failures or lack of functionality.
We try to keep up the functionality of the register tool. It depends on the cause of the error and the extent of the error correction whether we are going to publish updates or upgrades for the register.
As part of the licence updates are free of charge. Licenses of past versions are granted a reduction for upgrades on a newer version of the register tool.

Trial Version

We provide a free 30-days trial version of the register tool that can be tested under the specific system environment of interested customers.

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